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Anyone used clubglove???

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Well-known member
Jan 25, 2003
Saw this bag being used by a Fedex guy. Looked into it and it seems pretty well made. Just wondering if anyone has used them? Looks great for commuters or deadheading all over the place.

If a club glove is the same as a fleshlight, I've heard it works pretty good.

Funny how many people think it's a porn site.

Been using mine for a year now and love it.
Can get you a deal on them if you like.
Lighter weight than the LW battleship.
Fits down the isle.

PM me for more info.

it works great. get one of those extending poles so your driver shaft doesn't get crushed.

god...this does sound like a porn site.... :p

seriously, tho, i use mine all the time. they're great...


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