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anyone use lightspeeds?

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pimpin' aint easy
Feb 28, 2003
i got the 20G's and the glue on the ear pad keeps comiing off. has anyone had this same problem and if so how did you remedy it?

thanks in advance
I never had that problem. I did have a mic die on me. I sent it back, they fixed it real quick and free.
I never had a problem with the glue either. Call Lightspeed and they'll send you a new set of seals for free. Probably overnight if you want.
While you're at it, upgrade models. I think they have something better than the 30-3G's now, but I use that model and it was a great purchase. Their customer service is also very helpful.

Art V.
At Oshkosh they gave me 4 new ear cups that wore out for free. Mine fell off several times because the glue quit holding. Other than that they are great headsets for the money.
Love mine. I haven't tried the BOSE yet, although I know a few people (including a student) that have and wow do they love 'em.

I agree with TDTurbo, for the money, great headset.

I have the 20-3G, and my wife uses the 20XLc. No problems during the 2 years I have owned them. I have tried the Bose, and couldn't justify the increased price over the LightSpeeds.

The 20XLc overs pretty much the same protection as the 20-3G for less money. It still has the cell phone / music interface. They are both very comfortable for those long trips. Well worth the money spent.
Lightspeeds are great headsets, they are just too big. In fact, they remind me of those baseball helmets with beer can holders on both sides and straws leading to the mouth. In the Pitts they double as a head restraint because my head can't move laterally more than a half inch or so without bumbing into the canopy.

I'm going to buy a Bose set as soon as I stop being too lazy to go to Spruce.
I've had lightspeeds for years. 25XLs. I've had to replace the earpads about four or five times. In the winter they freeze as hard as rocks and in the summer the glue comes off. I usually call them, ask for the parts, and then they are at my door at no charge a day or two later. I've replaced everything on it at least once. I think they are big, but are more comfortable than Bose on long flights. And you can get about 50 hours out of the batteries.
wow i just got off the phone with them and no questions asked, they'll send me new ones........and a new mic cover.

i wanna see flightcomm do that

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