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Anyone us Palm Pilots for a red book?


Goat Farmer
Nov 26, 2001
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I was just wondering if anyone uses a palm pilot for their "red book" to keep track of flights. I found a couple of sites that offer the logbook software. They seem to keep track of everything, 30 and 7, pay vs actual flying and such.

If you use it I would appreciate any recomendations or pro and cons.:)


Nov 25, 2001
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Check out the Airline Pilot's Daily Avaition Logbook. It is outstanding tool for replacing the "Red Book".

The web site is: Airline Pilot's Daily Avaition Logbook

Here is an excerpt from the web site -

The Logbook is Intended to be a Supplemental Tool for:

- Logging flight time in an easy to use trip format
- Calculating FAR 121 duty limitations
- Calculating FAR 121 rest requirements
- Organizing trip times for payroll purposes (i.e. block, cancel, repo, training, reserve, misc., and above guarantee)
- Wizard reminders for duty, rest, and contractual limitations, including maximum, actual, and scheduled block, and duty requirements
- Schedule Importer for Windows - Import your airline trip pairings from PDF bidline files, company website, or the internet.
- Logbook Wizard for Windows - Generate reports, crewrest forms, and export logbook data
- Online versions of the Logbook Wizard and Schedule Importer are available. Works great on the road or for MAC and Linux users.
- Palm Datebook Integration - View trip details in the datebook, or on the pc with the palm dekstop.


Nov 26, 2001
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I've got a Palm and have a logbook on it. Honestly, I used it for the first week and then not at all. I found it cumbersome (sp?) to open it up, put in your times and aircraft, etc on a tight turn (perhaps I'm lazy???). Others I've flown with use them and love them. I suggest you try one (trial period) and decide whether or not it will work with you. They are good and rather comprehensive but with some drawbacks.