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Anyone receive a 2nd interview at SWA?

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Well-known member
Feb 10, 2003
Curious if anyone has received a second interview with SWA in the past year or two? Had the pleasure of interviewing in December 2004, with references called but received the letter saying try again in a year. Think maybe since SWA combined November and Decembers interviews together at the DB in January that might have counted against me. Counting the days. Thanks.

I was lucky enough to interviewed in Dec 04 as well, but got the letter. I'm really praying for a second chance. I know others are waiting for a first time. Just curious as well.....
All the time. A friend of mine was in your decision board and it was his 2nd interview. Not sure of exact numbers but a surprising percentage of pilots at SWA were hired on thier second try.

I also heard (and it seems to hold up) that the hiring percentage for people on thier 2nd try is substantially higher than those on thier 1st. I guess that by that point your dedication is certainly not in question. Hang in there and good luck!!!!
I had my third interview in 8 years July 19th. Haven't heard anything yet. No reason to think I did any better this time over the last time (1999).

Flew with a captain the other day that was rejected by SWA for the third time last fall.
I am a DEC '04 letterman as well. Haven't heard any word of re-interviews in my network yet. 8 mths down, 4 to go....
I was a two-timer. First interview Sept. '99, turned down. Second interview Mar. '02, hired. Pool for two years and started class Apr. '04. A long process, but worth all the wait. Good luck.

The answer is "yes", there are folks who have interviewed previously, some as recently as last year, who have gotten the call for a subsequent interview. Coming back subsequent times is always a personal and difficult choice...."do I go through the angst of getting up & then possibly being let down?"...."why should they take me this time when they wouldn't take me the last time?"....all very valid thoughts.

The "angst" issue is real but manageable I believe. Go into the process with an open mind & with the attitude that one has a lot going for you, (1) you've been asked back for another shot.."there must be something in my background to make me attractive as a future worker".....that's always promising. (2) you're familiar with the process & your "angst" level of the unknown should be less intense thereby allowing you to be more relaxed & show them the "real" you (3) you show your desire & perserverance to SWA in coming back again...always a good thing (4) from the time the "letter" arrived to now you should be able to show them a clear sheet of accomplishments that show you have continued to progress in your aviation career (hopefully)...that always sells well to future employers....one wants folks who continue to improve their skill sets in meaningful & tangible ways.

I wish you good luck & hope the next time you're successful....SWA doesn't have the corner on great pilots, we're always trying to add a few to the list...the problem is the "menu" of candidates are all very strong....trying to take everyone would be like trying to eat everything on the menu versus trying to be selective each time....we'll be back again & will look at the same menu & may choose you next time...hang in there...all this talk of food has made me hungry....going to frig, later:D
Thank you Chase for your words of encouragement. Eight months down and four more to go. Hope to meet you someday so I can by you a beer.

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