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Anyone in the FedEx hiring pool?

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Apr 23, 2002
I interviewed with FedEx on May 15th and 16th and received the good news on May 24th that I was in the pool! Kim in training said that I was slated to go to class Aug 5th and that they would send a notice one month prior. I was wondering if anyone else who interviewed around that time has gotten class notification or is already in a current class? I can not wait to start and still feel like I have won the lottery :)
Congratulations!! I know a few that fly there and they are very happy. One of these days I might have enough time to apply. Good Luck!!
I interviewed about a week after you and got hired. I called Kim about a week ago and she said that the the August class folks should be notified within 2 weeks. A lot of previously stop lossed guys are getting out now so they are trying to get them into classes so that is probably the reason for the delay.
Thanks for the info just trying to figure out how to plan on my exit stategy from my current job. Got some good sick time coming! Hate to leave that behind. Hope to see you in Memphis.:)
Has Kim told anyone what the class picture for the fall looks like? On our homepage, the only "official" word is we are hiring 24 more in July. What are you poolies being told about follow on classes?

Kim is a great lady...but our Chief pilot sent out a "deathgram" saying we need to leave her and the folks there alone--they are swamped. Also..your sponsors need to talk to their chief pilots, not go VFR direct to hiring office.

Fly safe
Swimmin With You


I know for a fact that two of us that interviewed/hired with you have not recieved any class notification. My references have yet to be called but the other guy's references have been called. Also, I can confirm Budman's statement regarding stop-loss guys. I know one who was offered 5 Aug turned it down and got a 25 Aug instead.


You can add one more to the list from May 20 & 21'st. No class date yet, hopefully we will get in the Aug 26 class. From what I have heard there will be Sept. classes but dates have not been set yet.
I can't wait to be purple.
Interviewed on May 15 & 16th, got the call a couple of weeks later.......I'm in the July 29th class!

I'm very lucky. I flew my last passenger flight last week. Vacation untill I start. I can't wait!

good luck everyone,

Anyone else here in that class?

Fedex Training Dates

Hey guys I interviewed on 3-4 June and got the good news 17 days later..Does anyone know about Sept class dates? Would really like to know what is brewing?

I interviewed May 22nd. Have not been offered a class date.

Anyone else out there with similar dates/timeline?


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