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Anyone Heard From Fedex Lately?

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I interviewed with them last week. They called a friend of mine last week as well for a May interview. Rumor is they are starting new hires right away so I guess they need pilots.
32 per month in May.....no firm announcements past then but all indications are no slowdown in hiring.

Everyone is going to the 727 right now.

Jan class has now been on the line 2 months. Most of us who wanted a line (ie...don't live in Mem where reserve is a good deal) got one in May.

Don't know how it reflects the true picture, but dropping R days is about impossible now. I also was unable to drop a trip on one day to pick up another on another day due to "insufficient reserves". I know is only a tiny sliver of the "big picture", but at least what I see looks good for now.

Good luck,

Looking good

A little more info...

I just finished Fed Ex initial school and wasn't even a week out of IOE and they are already called me with a Draft trip request (150% pay). What this means is they are SHORT on second officers (and pilots in general). They are continuing to hire and we are all gaining instant seniority.


Goose 17

Seems as though most of you have military time... Does FEDEX really prefer military time more than civilian.
Interviewed last week and was told "all new hires will start as 727 FE's". Evidently they tried hiring to right seat in past & did not like results. Half my interview class was military (all USN due to stop loss is my guess) & half civillian so based on my experience I guess it depends if the glass is half empty or half full.

Good luck
Is it still true that they won't call you for an interview if you are on furlough from another major? Just wonderin', I have letters, etc and applied in 1999 but have heard zip. Now, before you all start flaming me about "expecting a call", I am just trying to see if it is still worth pursuing. Pissing in the wind gets messy after a while.....:eek:

OOOPS, Sorry, on my previous post concerning fedex, I asked if they are hiring into the left seat. Obviously, I meant the right seat! Thanks!
As posted above, everybody goes to the 727 panel...at the rate we're hiring, you may not be there long but you never know, nothing official on numbers for the rest of the year. FedEx got burned in the early 90's by hiring furloughed guys and may be a little gun shy, but I haven't heard of an official policy, it's all case by case. I ran into a guy who got hired recently while on furlough from USAir, of course the reasoning here could be that nobody would think of making that roundtrip even if things improve.

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