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Anyone heard back from NIKE?

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Dec 12, 2005
I applied to Nike online on Nov. 7. Haven't heard anything yet. Has anyone heard from Nike after applying online in the last month? Not sure how many pilots they are looking at hiring, or if they are just collecting a pool of resumes for the future. Sure would be a dream job for me.
They may pre-occupied with the incident that happened with the GV a few weeks ago.

Just my thought, which is probably wrong.

The process at Nike is very long and they are quite particular about who they hire. No news can be good news. They just removed the posting from the website last week.

I sent one in for sh*ts and grins knowing full well I did not qualify and got a rejection email the other day. Did not suprise me one bit.

I did it for grins, too. Got my rejection yesterday despite my "outstanding qualifications"... :rolleyes: TC
Does anyone still make tennis shoes anymore? I think they are called hightops.

No wait that isn't it.
I got my rejection email yesterday. I, too, had sent a "s and g" app knowing it was a long shot. I'm sure they had a ton of qualified applicants. I don't even have a G type rating
Don't' sweet it, AA717 is flying a 550 and Fokerjet probably has a ton of G time, both guys are more then qualified. The job has probably been filed and they are just going through the HR formalities by having to post an opening. HR pukes love it when you help justify their jobs.
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