Anyone have any info on Evergreen?

Brett Hull

Nov 25, 2001
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Well, do ya?



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Nov 25, 2001
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I worked there as a DC8 FO from Apr 1991 to Feb 1993.

They furlough/recall a lot when they lose/gain cargo contracts. Not much job stability. I was furloughed 3 times in my short time there. From the Air Inc newsletter they are still doing that.

I think they now have 747s with maybe a DC-9 mail contract on the West Coast.

Good experience as all of the 747 flying is international. They got rid of the DC-8s long ago. Not the best working conditions either. No contract, lots of deadheading on their jumpseats. JFK was my base. Often I didn't know when I was coming home or when I was going to start a new cycle.

I used them for the experience.

Hope this helps.

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Jan 5, 2002
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I worked there as a 747 FO. The longest they had me on the road was 36 days straight and the shortest was 16 days. It was ALL overseas. Great experience if you are single or looking to get a divorce.

We did stay in nice hotels and the contract (?) stipulated business class or better for international deadheading.

I also agree that they are not the most stable. They furloughed one class while they were still in ground school while I was there.

If you go, update the resume and keep looking. You will get furloughed.



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Nov 28, 2001
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Like they said...

...plan on being furloghed anytime they feel a bump in the economic road. Great opportunity for experience, but not a place to plan on spending a career. DC-9's do domestic stuff for the post office and last I heard some for DHL or something. The 747 are probably doing mostly military charters from what I have seen, so you will get to know the middle east quite well. They do have a contract now from an in-house union. 16 day schedules, either split up or you can do the 16 day marathon all at once and get 14-15 days off straight. It is all bid by seniority. Pay starts OK but it is a long climb after that to get much more pay, upgrade is probably 8-10 years, but on the 747 you start at f.o. because of the Pro FE's they have. DC-9 base is SEA and 747 is JFK, so commuting can be an extra day or two. Good Luck!