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Anyone have any info on Cape Air?

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Feb 24, 2005
I have been looking into Cape Air, and have some questions. What are the chances of getting based in Micronesia (a little far from home for me), as apposed to the Caribbean, Florida, or Matha's Vineyard? I was looking into the cost of living in Micronesia, wow thats expensive! Do they have anything set up for crews over there if you do get based their for a short period of time? What is the quality of life like, pay scales, etc. Do the pay scales very from plane to plane? I also heard that they have a flow through program to a corporate gig? Any input would be very helpful. Thanks!
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What are you getting at Flight Traker? They promised me a job at a Florida Airline... just kidding of course. :rolleyes:
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Thanks CRJ Puppy, I was looking at that before, but I did not see any posts from current employees. From what I have heard the people their are really happy. Happy people at an airline are hard to come by these days. I would love to get in with a great pilot group, even if it does mean going to a recip again.
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I worked there a couple years ago and had the time of my life.... Not real sure about current situation, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't go to guam unless you really wanted to. It used to be at least, easy to stay on the cape if that's your cup of tea, but I've been hearing they're pretty short staffed, so you can probably go anywhere you want.

Most spend summer on the cape and winter in the caribbean. Great people... Made lifelong friends there and had a blast. Good training, they're very safety oriented, and the mtc is good. The flying is pretty challenging. Pay on the 402 is way better than RJ fo pay pretty much everywhere. I made about 35K my first year and really didn't bust my arse too much.

They are quite selective, and the interview can be quite intense. The training is much more involved than one would think of a piston 135 operator.

I wouldnt trade my time there for anything.

good luck

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