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Anyone have a dog?

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Well-known member
Jul 23, 2005
Has anyone ran into the problem of going off to training and having to figure out what to do with your dog? I have no roomates, so its just me and him. I know at some regionals, I could get a crash pad somewhere that accepts pets, but most of them put you in the hotel for the 2 months. Anybody have this prob before?
I ate mine. The meat was a little tough, but tabasco made all the difference. At least is wasn't Cup O' Ramen!

No really... That's tough. Got any family that will watch Spot? That is what I had to do. Kennels are expensive as hell. Best of luck.

I took mine to my parents house. If you dont have that option, maybe another relative or good friend. The other option is to find a roommate not in the industry that would be willing to help out for a short time. Other than that, a pet sitter is an option but expensive.

Take care
What are you gonna do every week when you leave on that 4 day. Better find a roomate or get rid of the dog for its own good.
I have a dog. I showed him where we were going to keep the food and told him he could only have two cups a day. I don't care when he eats I jsut don't want him watching TV and eating all day, know what I mean?
Ok really, yes I have a dog but I also have a wife and a really cool neighbor that walks him and feeds him when we are away. Pets can be a real stress with this job. Wear him out before you leave. He will be a lot happier while your gone and get into less trouble.
Get married. That's what I did. It's cheaper than a kennel.... well, no, come to think of it.... anyhow the fringe benefits are pretty good.
Agreed. Getting married was the solution. If you time it right she even cleans up the poop on garbage-day while you're on a trip!
After almost 13 years in the Airline bizz I decided to get a yellow lab puppy, things were great, I had day trips and perfect neighbors, didn't think about a recall to United or the fact TMA shut down and put me into unemployment!

Since I have no idea what my next job might be, I took the lil guy back to the breeder, I was really sad and mad but the puppy will be better off with a family to take care of him instead of me who will be gone 18+ days a month.

Someday I will get married and buy another one, dogs are awesome but they are a lot of work!
Maybe you could contact an animal rescue group and see if they would keep the dog, or someone on this board might be willing to do it, and offer to pay for food/actual expenses for a specific period of time while you are in training. Many times rescue groups will do this to help ensure that you can keep your dog and not let the dog become an unwanted pet.
If you do this though, I would draw up some kind of contract to make sure that you get your dog back and there are no surprises when you go to pick him up.

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