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Anyone got any idea what the NPRM will look like?

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Mar 25, 2002
Does anyone out there have any credible insight into what the FAA is actually looking at regarding the new flight time/duty time rules? Are they still planning on putting out the NPRM at the end of this month? If so I have heard talk of a 90 day protest period, is this correct? Then what? The new rules go into effect at some future date? Thanks...

its such bull ******************** that the FAA is covering the airline's asses and not the people who keep the flights flying safely. absolutely disgusting! FIX IT NOW
Uhhhh... Thanks.
Did you catch the funny spelling of "aeroplane".So, the US is going to start using regs from the United Kingdom??
This was such a quick process, that I heard that they had to start with a document that was already up and running and working (and way more humane=safe). Some of the major concepts that have already filtered down through ALPA MECs and managements:

-- duty-day driven, vice flight hours driven (no more 30/7, 100/mo. hours on duty not flying will be the new limiter)
-- variable length of duty day depending on when it starts or ends
-- more than 8 hours per day of flying if it hits the sweet spot of that chart (daytime, two legs)
-- max allowed will be less than 8 hours if out of the sweet spot
-- a fixed time "behind the door" at the hotel. No more block to block rest

What the actual numbers are remains to be seen. I suspect it will allow between nine and ten hours of flying and require more than eight hours behind the door. Brits require 10 but I don't think the FAA wants to be that safe. That's just plain lazy.
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ALPA proposed a sliding scale that, based on report time and number of legs, limits block and duty time for the day.

7-9 hours of block, depending on report time. 9-13 hours max duty, depending on report and number of legs. Less duty for more legs and reports that are extremely early or late.

10 hours minimum rest for all rest periods.

A report between 0700 and 1259 would be allowed 13 hours duty and 9 hours block, if 1-4 legs are flown. 7+ segments would limit it to 11 hours duty.

A report beteen 0000 and 0359 will be limited to 9 hours duty and 7 hours block irregardless of number of segments flown.

A continuous duty overnight reporting between 1700-2159 will be limited to 11 hours duty for 2 legs, 10 hours duty for 3-4 legs.

This is just the ALPA proposal but it gives an idea of where this is all headed.

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