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Anyone flies CL-300

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limodriver1 said:
anyone flies Challenger 300's or know anyone who does!

You probably already thought of this but Flexjet flies a bunch and there are many Flexjet pilots on the fractional boards who can answer any questions you have... I've seen non-fractional CL300s at DAL and at LGB recently.
Do a search:

Plenty of info on the subject:

FraxJockey said:
Here is some info. First of all, the performance of the Challenger 300 is impressive, not quite like the Lear 60, but close...light (5000 lbs.fuel 2-4 pax) climbs to FL410 in 14-15 mins...unrestricted climb of course.

Medium weights (7000-10000 lbs. and 4-6 pax) climb to FL410 is 16-17 mins. Fully loaded (14000 lbs and 8 Pax) climbs to FL410 in 18-20 mins with plenty of power to spare (climbing 1500-2000 fpm the last 15-20K feet.

Vmo is .83 and typical cruise mach is .80 (can do it all day no matter what the ISA.).

The runway required for T/O at MTGW of 38,500 lbs. at sea level and 30C is 5480'. Brakes are incredibly good...MLDW of 33,750 stopping distance is 2600'. I took these numbers right out of the AFM...if anyone is wondering.

Effective range 3200nm...you can get more out of it if you go to F450 and suck on O2 (about 3400nm).

The new Collins Proline 21 avionics are top notch. Pretty easy glass setup, the ISI (integrated stby instrument) is also glass. No overhead panel and very few buttons on the pedestal.

Fuel burns for the first 2 hours are 4500 (2500 & 2000,then 1900/1800). EASY plane to fly with no bad characteristics...

Vref & Vapp at MLDW are 124 & 131...typical vref/vapp is 115/121. All LRU's (line replaceable units)...ie. generators, FMS, A/P FCU's, pumps, tires, brakes, etc... can be replaced in 20 mins (no joke). The price...$18.5 to19.5 million. The ONLY bad news...they are pretty much sold out til 2006.

Any more questions?

Oh yeah, I did BED to MRY in 6 hrs. no sweat.
Well, I was asking if anyone knows any companys flying CL-300

I fly the thing myself, so needless to say that I know something about them!

My ? was if anyone knows any companys who flies them and maybe in need of qualified pilots!

Thanks from the Flexinfo, and yes I was aware of them.

I would like to do some contract work on 300.

I believe the original question was is anyone (ie. person) flying the CL300. There are so few of them out there right now. Last time I was in training there was a small book (that was free in the library) that had operators listed by SN's and NN's. Sorry I can't give more specifics, but I barely have enough time off as it is ...without looking for more work.

I know ExxonMobile has 5 or 6 on order to replace their Hawker fleet. Don't know if they've taken delivery on any yet. Their department is pretty senior so there may be some retirements on the horizon.
United Gas company replaced their Citation 3/Excel (?) with one recently - it's parked at Trajen in Austin, TX - think they are based at St. Paul MN...
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