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Anyone familiar with Lear 60 operations?

La Rue

Mar 5, 2002
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Anyone familiar with Lear 60 operations?

I applied to an operator who flies Lear 60’s and just recently and when I called to speak with them, the man I spoke to gave me a brief overview of the company and general operations.

He said they operate two Lear 60’s worldwide from the US. They’ve been as far away as Japan with them; they’ve flown to Moscow via Gander and Birmingham England and to Cairo as well as Tel Aviv out of Paris and Stuttgart. He also said they routinely make the pilgrimage to Hawaii and into South America as far south as Buenos Ares.

My questions are these; is this unrealistic, was he just pulling my leg?

I know the Lear 60 has an IFR range of nearly 2500nm but can it achieve this with two or three crew and three of four pax?

What about passenger comfort, and generally being cooped up in the cabin of a Lear 60 for 6 to 12 hours in a single day?



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Feb 1, 2002
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Been overseas a few times in a Lear 36 via 2 fuel stops. Although eachtime was cramped with 4-6 people (including crew) it was doable. Just don't drink anything til you are atleast 1 hour from destination...holding it is a lot harder when there is no lav and all you see is water, water everywhere!

Take the job, Lears ROCK!