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Anyone ever miss an item on a checklist?

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Activity Terminated
Sep 13, 2004
Yesterday I started accelerating down the runway, and the airplane started to feel really light, really quick. It was definetly not like all the times before. No sooner do I notice this, and my instructor yells "Holy Sh*t"!!! and starts cranking the trim wheel down. Yeah, I goofed up major...

some one forgott to put the gear handel in the down position before landing. needless to say they got fired.

wait so what your are sayong is the trim wheel was all the was to nose up and you didnt feel it as soon as you added power?
I wouldn't say MAJOR goof-up

you learned something, right? thats all that matters....

Now....forget to trim an old Learjet on takeoff....now THATS an experience.

Nope. Never missed a checklist item in my life. It's time for you to hang up your wings, UnAnswered! ;)
Everyone has missed a checklist item somewhere along the way.

It's those small goofs in the short run that help in the long run.
Oh man, you'll do much worse things in the future I'm sure. I've had students pull some crazy stuff, and I don't have much room to talk, I've done it myself. Still do every now and then. Don't worry about it, just learn. And I guarantee you will never forget to look at that trim wheel again!

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