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Any Words from SWA 15 Jul Newhire Class

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Coffee Break is over!
Jan 28, 2002
Has anyone heard anything from any of the New hires in the 15 July Class?

Any good rumors? How many are in the class? Future classes?

I'm sitting here in Kuwait baking in the 127 deg heat with nothing better to do than eat, drink water, work out, and read rumors on the internet. So please keep the SWA Rumor Mill grinding.
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A friend of mine in the trng dept told me this...
21 new-hires
3 interns
1 senior capt off of medical leave
all in the July 15th class...
What is an intern?

25 in a class sounds like the norm for a class. By the way, what is an Intern, are they Flight Docs doing an aviation residancy.
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My Guess

We had Interns at my airline a while back.

They mostly helped out in the training department and Chief Pilots office. Putting training manuals together, doing manual revisions, jepp chart revisions, updating aircraft manuals, and anything else the company wanted them to do. They were unpaid I believe but it got em all an interview in the end when they had the time.

I don't know what activities SWA has ther interns do but it mainly exposes those to the airline operation and get college credit for it in return.
Greetings from the July 15 class! I couldn't be happier to finally have a seniority number here! Great group in the class, 21 new hires as previously stated. 9 civilian background (Midway, Flexjet, ATA), 10 stop-loss Air Force, 1 Navy and 1 Marine. The 3 interns only hung around long enough to drink our beer at the end of day 1.

There are absolutely no good immediate hiring rumors flying around the training building. A late August class is still tentative.

Hang in there, it's definitely worth the wait!

Thanks for the news KT, nice to hear you and the rest are having a great time.

Darn though, I was hoping to dry off in August.:(

RJ (jetpltrich)

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