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Any word on ACA's future plans to hire??

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
Hello everyone,

Do any folks at ACA know if or when hiring will start for 2002? It seems that ACA is getting more work from United, is this fact or fiction? Thanks for the responses

Fly all good and stuff
I was hired by ACA in early August and given a class date in September. A couple weeks later in August they called and told me that it would probably be January before I could start. Of course that was pre- 9/11. I haven't heard a word from them since. No telling what their plan is now.

I was also hired at Comair. IMHO, Comair was much more professional and helpful as you go through the process. ACA seemed disorganized from the start. Comair is running interviews now, I'd try to get on there before ACA.

Good luck.

I faxed my resume to ACA on 12/12. Within seconds of hanging up, the phone rings and it's someone from ACA stating that they had received my resume and would file it. They were not going to do any additional hiring till March. Everything could cahnge.

Here is the current situation at ACA as best I can tell. ACA plans to hire approximately 300 pilots next year. Right now the training center is running at full capacity trying to get pilots who are currently in the turboprops into the jets. The company is in the process of selecting a new interview board and that should be completed sometime soon. After they train the interviewers and there is room at the training center for new hires will hiring start again. ACA is committed to getting over 70 new CRJ's and FRJ's in the next two years so they have to hire more pilots. Most of the buildup is on the United side but Delta appears to be happy with the FRJ's right now and hopefully will want more of them in service by ACA.
How many are in the pool?

Wondering how many are in the pool waiting for class dates? I was hired late August...so I guess I'm at the bottom of the pool.

I heard they were getting a bunch Do-jets. What are the retirement plans for the 41's? Will they hang on to them or are they going all jet.
The J41's are going to be phased out next year on a one for one with the 328jet. We get our first 328jet in United Express colors in february and it will be flying that month. Orders for United Express are 20 CRJ's and 10 328's for 2002. ACA wants to be all jet by 2003 and I assume it will happen as our flying is very busy right now. UAL has given us some flying but that also changes on a month to month basis. Good luck to anyone coming here as with the orders and options the future is pretty bright. Also the fact that we are still making money.
ACA will be anouncing shortly that a new charter operation will be started. I do not know the time frame but will post when I do. ACA will possibly use the CRJ-700 and FRJ's for this new operation. These aircraft are in addition to the 35 or so jets we are getting next year.

That's all I have for now, hope it helps.

BTW, you'd be happier here than at Comair. Keep checking on that resume and if you here nothing by the end of January, please let me know.

America United!
Sorry to burst your bubble guy's, United is approaching its codeshare partners about deferring RJ orders as well as re-negotiating fee for departure contracts for 2002. When that happens, no new hiring going forward. Also, any hiring that may happen will be going to furloughed UAL mainline pilots who will not have to resign their seniority. It's called Quid Pro Quo.

Do you know something that the rest of us at UAL and UAX don't know. I'll admit that we at UAL are the last to hear about what is going on at our company so I wouldn't be surprised. I learned about all the new SJ flying from listening to a Air Wis MEC recording that had the news several days before it was broken to us. The funny part was that the message said that they couldn't tell the Air Wis pilots about it until that day out of concern for the feelings for the UAL employee group who at that time still hadn't been told! Anyway, are you just speculating or have you heard something concrete saying that the UAX carriers will be hiring furloughees?
UAL/UEX doesn't have flowback.

Skywest, Air Whiskey and ACA bids on routes...they have no obligation to UAL. It would be not be financially feasible for UAX to hire furlough UAL pilots, then have them leave if recalled. It's not at all like COEX or Eagle.

Heck, UAL is trying to start the Frac thing...I'm sure UAL will have their hands full battling that one with the union.

Hopefully Santa will give us all a class date!!! Working a regular 9-5 job stinks!!!


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