Any Traditions??


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Jan 25, 2002
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Just was wondering out there if y'all or someone you flew with had any wierd or odd items they took while y'all there anyone thats like, "Yeah, I never fly without my trusty...." (complete the sentence if it applies) A friend of mine said he was exiting the plane here in SAT, peeked in the cockpit and saw a cowboy hat sittin on the dashboard just like in a pickup truck down here....i can see it now...just flyin along like the B52 pilot in Dr. Strangelove with the cowboy hat on...


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Dec 14, 2001
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I like to have my wallet with me. And a watch. Usually a pen.

After a long flight I have a tradition of scraping myself out of the seat, crossing my legs in a fashion that would make a slow goalie jelous, holding my crotch with both hands, and running screaming to the little boys room. I have one of those smallish 1.5 hour bladders...long flights kill me. I guess you could call that a tradition.

I never accept a flight without access to a cockpit monkey. But then, I guess that's a given. I used to carry a rabbits foot, but the rabbit kept biting people, so I cut it out.