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Any SWA guys doing ATL-BWI?

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ATL-MCO has a lot of frequency but is always full with multiple jumpseaters. Just met another SWA guy on the commute last week who was throwing in the towel and going back to BWI.
FWIW , I travel as a paying passenger quite a bit between ATL-BWI and back BWI-ATL. Only on the expected day/times (ie Friday 5pm) are the flights completely full and I rarely, if ever see someone up in the jumpseat (I travel in first). I mostly notice business people on this route. There are also numerous choices of flights throughout the day using equipment such as MD88's, B737's, and 757's. no RJS! Plus BWI has Crew Pass!
I figured MCO would be a little harder because of the type of market it is (leisure) and it being a former DAL domicile. BWI has about 20 flights a day on a mix of 737, -88, and 757s.

So BWI is senior to MCO or is not?

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