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any news?

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Just watching MSNBC on TV and they are saying that it was a "United Express four engine commuter" that crashed near Boulder, CO.

I'm not getting MSNBC right now (don't use Dish Network, I implore you), so I'm on CNN. And praying.

Now they are all saying it is a small Cessna with 1 fatality. I guess we will have to see in a few hours what is really going on. If it is in fact a 4 engine commuter...would that make it an Air Wisconsin RJ??

MSNBC is now saying that the Bouldeer crash was a "small cessna". Of course to news media there is not much difference between a 747 and a cessna. They don't know Jack...
You're not kidding they don't know jack. Minutes after my last post, they changed their story and said it was a four engine Cessna (didn't know they made one of those). I think we've learned to wait and see until information can be confirmed. I know I have.
Boulder, Colorado, accident

When it comes to aviation events, yes, you're right, the media doesn't know jack. It's okay that I say this because I worked in radio news for 12 years. I was always amazed at how unenlightened reporters were when reporting aircraft events.

From 4:30 to 5, Channel 9 in Denver ran a crawl saying it was a United Express flight. Then, on their 5 o'clock show, Channel 9 said it was not a commuter flight but a Cessna. In all fairness, though, sometimes information is fragmentary on breaking stories. You broadcast what you have and update as you get more and better information. You have to be careful how you say and report it until you confirm the information. Attribution is vital.


I'll watch at 10 and try to post a timely update.
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Yeah, I didn't want to start a huge thing here, but I brought it up earlier because no one else had said anything yet. As the evening went on, I heard more on the radio and such, and the media seems to be getting it straight now. Straighter, anyhow.

4 small Cessna crashes in one day though...it's an odd day all around here, isn't it?

Boulder update

Channel 9 reported that it was a C-180 that went down near Boulder. One person killed. There were strong westerlies in the area. Jeffco, which is nearby, reported something like 25-knot winds. All day there were ACSL here. The accident site is in sort of mountainous terrain. He probably hit a violent downdraft.

Channel 9 said that eyewitnesses reported that it was a commuter aircraft that went down, but those reports were false.
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Actually, Cessna did make a 4 engine plane in the late 50's. I think it was called a Heron.

None are flying today, the last operator was an outfit in PR back in the 70's.

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