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Any Michigan Corporate info???

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Jun 27, 2005
Hey guys anyone know of anything decent and corporate shaking in the SE MI? PTK would be great, anyone hiring?? Trying to move out of this freight life...been in a twin turbine in ice for a year and a half - pretty much a dead end. Any info on something that looks promising as far as advancement would be greatly appreciated...or any info in general for that matter: pay scales, schedules, overall experience, ets. ets.!!! Thanks!!
Good Luck,

I've been looking on and off for several years now. I don't live there, so I'm not really up to date. But times are pretty tough in Motor City right now, and that's affecting a lot of companies. There were a few openings in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek areas a few months ago at a couple companies. Don't know if they are still open or how hard it is to get on, let me know if you hear of anything.
The Detroit area is the heart of the auto industry and their suppliers. Things are not going all that well in that industry right now, so hiring in the Detroit area is not too strong.
There is quite a bit of corporate out of Michigan, just send your resume and business card to every potential employer. Also get on the websites of the corporate companies and do and on line profile in advance!

if you have any questions pm me, I will send them to you! very honest person with tips!

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