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Any interview calls from Comair

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Apr 4, 2002
Anyone out there receive any calls for an interview with Comair lately?

I sent in a resume early April and have not heard a thing. I called the other day to make sure they received my resume, the receptionist took a msg but no response yet.

Should I resend a res or what?

Any suggestions?
Mind my asking what your qualifications were when you submitted? Just want to know what is competetive right now.
I fly 121 and I am not getting any calls either. Though admittedly I have somewhat lower time. We can only hope that it will pick up soon. When I spoke to the recruiter earlier this month he said that the average was around 3000.
Comair Requirements

I certainly don't have 3000 tt and was hired....So I think they are probably taking it on a one on one basis......It never hurts to keep applying....Keep in mind, they might have slowed the interviews down a bit until they start up the training classes again........
I have an interview 19 Jun. I handed my resume in at AIR Inc in Jan, never heard back; then sent another in early April, still no response. Finally got the call by contacting pilot recruiting directly through the academy's human resource office. The old squeeky wheel trick...
FYI, I had about 2600 TT 800 Helo 1400 SEL 400 MEL and ATP(MEL) when I submitted

Thanks for the glimmer of hope, I'll resubmit and then call.
135 Guys keep your heads up

I was hired by Comair in Feb. I had 2300 and 1200 multi

I had 1100-135 hours in Cessna 402s and Navajos. I also had 850 dual given as a CFII/MEI and don't know if that helped too.

Another 135 guy that had the same interview day also was hired. He flies a twin commander and has about the same times as me.

Even another 135 guy I know flying 402s just interviewed late May with Comair, and our company just received his records request. He had about 2200 hours and 1000 multi.

So all of you single pilot 135 guys keep your heads up. They must know that we're not a joke and that we've got some great experience.

Just got the bad news yesterday. The recruiter that called me said that they wont interview me until I have more total time. I had 1400 total at my last update with 800 of that being 121 turbine. Oh well I guess I will just keep trying.

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