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Any good ideas for side $ (nonflying).

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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2001
I'm enjoying my PT 135 gig, however it's tough financially to make it. does anyone have any suggestions for making some side bucks but remain flexible for accepting trips.

I'm already doing some CFIing. Anything's game, it's hard to find employers that allow you to decide not to show up because you've got called for your pilot gig.

Thanks in advance
If you know how to mix drinks

I bartend a pretty popular bar in town right now and it's not uncommon to walk out with 400 cash and some little Betty you just met a half our ago. The hard thing is thouigh getting your body adjusted to the night lifestyle. I often don't do last call till 4:30 or 5 and by the time you clean up and count all your money etc its a quarter till 7. If you already have a girl though don't bother, I have yet to meet a girl that can handle a realtionship when I don't come home till sunup 4 nights a week.
Oh yeah I almost forgot, i also substitute teach sometimes, usually highschool. 70 bucks a school day to just sit there and read the paper isn't that bad.
Real nice airgator,

Please stay out of our kids schools and stick to bartending.
Our kids deserve better.

later gator......8sm
I find it very profitable to spend my late nights and wee hours of the morning "standing" on the street corner. It's amazing what some people would like you to perform. ;)

Anyway, the only thing i could suggest is what you are doing now. CFI'ing on the off times. That's what i did when first starting out at my 135 job. Just keep close track of your hour limits per month, don't put yourself into a position where you instructed to much, and are no longer legal to fly that last 135 trip of the month... you might just find yourself instructing full time again.
Side Jobs

I have been working in catering for 10 years part time. It is EXTREMELY flexible and easy money. Just look in the yellow pages for some caterers in your area and call them. Most just want someone who can clean up well and have all of their teeth. Some want restaurant experience, but it's not rocket science.

My wife and I bartend for one in our area and together make about $200-$300 per shift. Catering pay ranges between $9-$14/HR + tips. Average shift is 6-7 hours and almost always nights and weekends. We pick and choose our shifts as we please and it fits around my flying PERFECTLY.

Keeps me off food stamps!!
You could always be a man-whore...... Oh, wait..... You already have a 135 job. ;)
Hu-16: yeah it is roxy's, who are you ( a friend of Clint's)?

8sm- perhaps I should elaborate a little on my substitute experiences. I sub at inner city highschools usually LD classes or ESE which means they come to school once or twice a week and don't give a f$&k about anything. In the past month I've had 1 girl threaten to stab me in the throat with a razor blade, have had to call the police on two other seperate occasions, not including a gang fight outside my classroom that ended up sending two teachers to the hospital. Teachers for the classes I teach don't leave lesson plans; the way it works is if no one dies or goes to the hospital it is considered a successful day. So all I have to do is show a movie, let the kids play cards or whatever and keep some kind of order (if possible) and I get my 70 bucks.
Haven't heard the name Roxy's in a while.... that brings up other memories of the Riverside and the Mile.

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