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Any good corp. flying out of Scottsdale

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Well-known member
Jan 12, 2002
I have a friend who is furloughed with 5000+ hours...lives in Scottsdale and would love to find a job at Scottsdale or SkyHarbor...any good companies to try to court..or charter flying?

The only people of hand I can think of are SWIFT AIR, I believe they're out of PHX.... At one point I believe they were operating Citation III's, X's, etc...

Not much to go on I know, but it's a shot...
Corporate Jets in Scottsdale

If your friend does live in Scottsdale, have him check out Corporate Jets at the Scottsdale Airport. They are a company that flies several different types of jets. I have no idea if they are hiring or what their mins are, but they have a really nice operation up there. He should go up there and check them out.

Hope this helps.
Was just getting ready to post a message concerning Corporate Jets at SDL, but I'll just continue on with this one. Anyone have anymore information on this company.... pay, conditions, if they're hiring, etc. Thanks!

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