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Any corporate jobs in WI?

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Well-known member
Jun 23, 2005
I've been considering leaving the regionals to go corporate. Any decent gigs in Wisconsin? Near GRB?
WI is a tough corporate market. Not many operators and plenty of pilots. Most jobs come and go without even posting, hiring part-timers or friends. Your best bet is to pound the pavement and make a few friends.
I agree with the previous post as well. Wisconsin is indeed a tough market. I was always told it's a reflection of the old European roots and to a certain degree it may be. In my opinion having flown for several years in Wi and now in IL, there are only a handfull of decent operators that I would care to work for. Pay has always been an issue with a few of them and some of their wierd ways of operating.

SC Johnson, Harley Davidson, Johnson Controls, are some of the better operations in the state. I got my current job by sending in a resume cold receiving a thanks but no thanks letter and then a call six months later out of the blue. It does pay to keep up to date with prospects. Very few jobs in WI are advertised in the papers.
Might want to watch Kimberly-Clark, Wasau Paper, etc., as well. Don't have a clue if their hiring but just offering a few more names.

As for a "tough nut to crack," that is an understatement. Even living in the state is no gimme. Years ago I had an inside lead and help getting my paperwork through KC. The night of the interview I talked to my buddy and he said I was the most qualified they were interview (there were three of us) and I should have no problem. Day of the interview there were suddenly four of us. As we took the tour through HR, Number 4 walked the halls saying "Hey Jim, Hi Mary, good morning Beth, How ya doin' Pete, etc." Guess who got the job? Number four had three pages of references from the HR department alone and was a "friend of a friend of" ...well, you get the picture. Great guy and as far as I know he's still there (15 years later to give you representation of their turn over), but just goes to show even insider help may not be enough.

I don't mean to discourage your search. Pound the pavement, get to know folks, network network network.

Falcon Capt said:
If anyone needs a King Air crewed for $150,000 a year in Eagle River or Minoqua, I'm your man!

Wouldn't that be a bit of a pay cut for you???

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