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Any CAL New hires getting sent to Guam?

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Aug 9, 2003
How many new hires are sent to Guam? If you are based there (not by choice) how long would it be until you could get a state side domicile?

The most recent class from 8/9 all got EWR 737. That's all I know.

Click "search this forum" up on the top right of the Majors main page and look for previous posts about "Continental New Hires". I know there have been a few posted.
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psysicx said:
How long would it take someone to bid Gum?

about 10 minutes.
No one has been going in new hire classes. If you want to go, you could go on the very next bid after training. There are a few people who are trying to get back and would be happy to base trade before that happens.
Just heard a rumor about some possible sattelite bases opening. HNL, LAX & FLL are possibilites.....

The company has been running an analysis of satellite bases that would save $$ or at least be a break even deal as a side letter agreement from the recent contract. Based on that side letter the company should be discussing the results with the union this month so the timing of the rumor is right.
Sorry for the long story, but.........

psysicx said:
How long would it take someone to bid Gum?

In flight school years ago, we had a "soft patch" ceremony the evening prior to winging. At this soft patch bar in PCola (NAS Whiting), all the Jarheads (Me)and Squids gathered with their families to find out where they would be stationed and what they would be flying. The Navy guys knew that of the 15, one would be sent to Guam to fly the whistling sh1t can 'o death (CH-46D-yes, an older version of what the Marines fly.) Many were engaged, girlfriends or married. They all showed up an hour prior, many with parents, friends, et al. to do the anti-Guam dance shooting tequila, keg stands, etc. Even lil' ol grannies. The Marine families were loving it.

One of my Navy drinkin' buds was among the lottery gang. He was a recently (week prior) engaged to a Baptist gal who was from a very prominent wealthy Southern Alabama family(they LOVED him-all American Annapolis guy). She was pretty hot, wild drinker, and a virgin (ok, they all say that, but even her parents knew) to boot. They were planning to move to Jacksonville FL, Virginia Beach or San Diego. After he finished his penance in the Nav, he was to slowly take over the horse breeding business as there were no brothers or aunts, uncles.

The Navy soft patch began. 3rd person out of the shoot was my Nav bud who finished in the top third of his class. One of the instructors grabbed the destination slip and proceeded to talk about what a great student he was, blah, blah, blah....... "Amy, do you like to surf?" "Yes, yes I do............." grinning from ear to ear. "Well, you are going to one of the best surfing spots in the ..........................(long delay).............................WORLD!"

"Have fun in....................GUAM!!!!!!!!" She grabbed the paper from his hand and stared at it for a bit as the entire place was in silence. Slowly she began to cry which quickly turned to demonic possession.

Grabbing the half full tequila bottla off the bar, she threw it against the wall. "I can't f'ing believe this." (Screaming.) After a short rant, she then quoted "I am NOT moving to Guam, I am NOT getting married, I F'in HATE the Navy and I hate YOU (to my bud.) I knew I should have married Jackson." She was SO mad, that she told her family "I am going to marry Jackson. He asked me to marry him last month and I have been f'in sleeping with him." (something to that effect- I was drunk too).

Long story short, she never talked to him again. He spoke to the family a few times, but it never did much. If he could have, he would have ditched the Navy and been living high on the hog right now.

Hey, the ratio of women to men in Guam is like 4:1.


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