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Any C-130 guys bumming right now?

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Mar 19, 2002
Just wondering if you are making it work...have been myself for a few months and it has been pretty close making rent a couple of time...jealous of my active duty buddies. Can't believe there is a war on and I can't get a man day...
Its so crazy. The C-17 and C-5 guys have to many days and the Herks can't get any. What is going on.
Vandal - I hear the flying hours are scarce everywhere this FY. Training hours being cut in favor of real world missions so I'm told. I'm at Altus training on the 135 now and I'm sort of nervous about coming back and trying to pay the mortgage and feed the fam. If anyone can chime in on how the 135 guard bubbas are doing, please do so!

Best of luck bro.
Could be worse, in the Navy herc world we still haven't gotten ANY aftp's or rmp's this FY. The medivac missions I've done have been on single day AT orders.

If they don't start coming up with some money for drills they're going to be running our reserve squadron without any reservists. :-(
I had heard that from another Navy Guy. I don't see how that's legal. MAkes me happy that I made the switch.

Although my squadron is short Airplanes since they are farming them out to replace E models.

Do more with less. Glad I am part time.
Vandal said:
Can't believe there is a war on and I can't get a man day...
Welcome to the guard.

The Kc-135 is similar to the C-130 on flying ours. Guard bumming is becoming more of a challenge as far as flight hours are concerned. If you're gonig to be in the Kc-135R you can volunteer for overseas, if you're going KC-135E/D you're going to have to fight an uphill battle. Good luck in Altus
The C-17 Reserve world continues to have an unending supply of active duty orders and plenty of hours to be had. Who knows how long the gravy train will last. There is a lot of work to be done in the middle east, but there is also new c17 units spooling up all over, and tons of new crews coming on line.

As far as the future, reserve and gaurd bumming can only improve when all the furloughed guys go back to their airlines. With the serious paycut/work rule changes, industry instability, caustic management/worker relations, fly to 65 rule coming on line, open skies, etc, if those guys could go back, a lot of them are in no hurry. And I don't blame them.

This is one disturbing industry, if only flying weren't so fun! Do you continue to chase the dream, or go get that MBA? Where's Ms. Cleo when you need her!
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