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Any ASA people at EJA or another frac?

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Dec 31, 2001
I'm an ASA RJ guy thinging of defecting to EJA.

Anyone out there that can tell me if the grass is really greener?

Also, anyone with an extra app laying around that I could obtaiN?

Yep came over from ASA 14 months ago.
RJ FO and E-120 Capt.
Captain's pay in two months, Upgraded to Citation X Captain
in 4 months, released as PIC 6 months ago.
You will never do the type of flying at ASA done here at EJA.
Every leg is different, hotels are much better, No more commuting!
Made $5k more than 2nd year E-120 Capt. in my first year
You have to send in a resume before getting an application packet.
I am in the process of defecting from CoEx, soon to be Expressjet Airlines.

Where did you get typed in the G-159. I have a little bit of time on a G-1 in the right seat. I didn't think anybody was operating those anymore.
My paperwork is allready there! Hopefully, I wont have more than a couple more months at ASA. It's just not what I thought it would be, but met alot of really great people there.

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