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Any Airnet pilots in the building?

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New member
Oct 17, 2005
If there are any Airnet pilots (past or present) out there I would appreciate it if I could get some info and a general feel for your experience with the company. I will be interviewing soon and it would really help. I live in Columbus, how are my chances of getting based here. My family would like to stay here, if I got base elsewhere, whats the commuting like to get home on weekends, crash pads, etc. What about average upgrade times to he Lears? I've done most of my flying in Florida, only IMC in Hurricanes and level four or fives, no icing, no hills to worry about smacking into. Single pilot, high perfomance twin, ifr, night, icing, sounds like good experience if a little more risky. What were some of your hairiest experiences working there? Again any input is appreciated. Safe flying and hope to see you on the line soon.
My buddy worked for them for just over a year he is at CHQ now. He seemed to not mind Airnet while he was there. There are a few starcheckers that check out this board they seem to usually hang out in the cargo area. So you might want to post over thre.
*Raising hand slowly* What's up?! As far as interview help, try the cargo area, and there should be some fairly detailed interview info on there...also try www.starcheck55.com there are a couple areas there with some good info for you to peruse. As far as getting LCK out of training...well it will depend, sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard, it all depends on who above you wants it. Commuting is pretty easy (if you get a base served by a few airlines), especially if you can get a SWA served city, then it is usually a piece of cake. Upgrade, well i think it is less than a year right now to the right seat, but probably another year and a half to the left...and i would say getting LCK in the lear would almost be impossible. It is great flying, and lots of fun <--- try getting to use that word at most other places. Hairy moments pop up occassionally, especially when you are asked to slow down for some of these other guys on this board who need to do ref+10 from 30 miles out on a visual approach...:laugh:

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