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Any affordable citation typerating?

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Dec 19, 2001
Hey Fellas!
Anybody knows about a affordable good citation Typerating for Citation
I would appreciate any hints.
Ps. I want to combine it with ATP.
Professional Airline Systems

Mike Pappas' Professional Airline Systems in Carlsbad, California. Mike was a Delta widebody FO (he has several types, including B727, and could have made DC-9 Captain but didn't want a Cincinnati domicile - can't say that I blame him, considering where he lives). I got my CE-500 with Mike in 1990 for something like $3K. Undoubtedly, the price has gone up in 11½ years. You can do both at the same time; the PTS is the same for both. In addition, he spent a lot of time with us in an informal interview prep and career seminar. I took two rides with Mike; the CE-500 type and a single-engine ATP the next day in a Warrior. I sent one of our Italian students to Mike in 1992 for a type rating. Mike said the student did fine, especially considering the student had just gotten his Commercial and didn't speak great English. I recommend PAS highly.

Hopefully, PAS is still around. I don't take any professional pilot mags and I haven't been able to find it on the internet.
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Last I heard PAS was based in Scottsdale, AZ. Did my CE500 type with them in early 1999 and it was very well organized. I think it cost about $4,000 then. The curriculum (and cost) was a lot less than Flisght Safety or Simuflite, but they prepared you to pass the test -period. I don't know how safe you would be if this was your only jet training, but I felt very confident when it came time to take the practical.

You're right, Gandolf, Mike organized the course very well. Nice to hear he's still around; he was a real gentleman and very supportive to career builders.
Mike Pappas was my examiner for my CE500 type at the Scandinavian Flight Academy in San Diego. I highly recommend their course. It is excellent. They are located at MYF (Montgomery Field).
Who ever bought the citation a boss or yourself Can afford a proper school don't let a lower price swing you, Oh yea just because you get a rating from someone, doesn't mean you know everthing you should know to fly that plane. You get what you pay for!!!!!!!!!!!

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