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ANR Headsets

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Nov 29, 2001
I'm looking to replace my DC 13.4's which I've had for over 7 years. They have served me very well, and I highly recommend them. Although now it seems like one side is beginning to sound louder than the other. The volume adjuster works to increase the sound level on this side, but not the other. Has anyone experienced this problem before. When I turn down the good side, it seems likethe other side gets louder, but thats an illusion I think, of bringing the sound level down to parity. Does DC refurbish headsets to the extent that I would receive new wiring, eletronics and testing, or is it more cosmetic, like foam, gel seals, etc.

Aside from trying to salvage these (I won't be throwing them away, just using them as an extra pair), I am interested and anxious to try out a pair of ANR headsets. There seems to be a lot of variety and since they're gonna cost me a pretty penny I would like to solicit some advice on what you find best in terms of noise reduction, clarity and comfort.

I have done a search of the board, but it seems all the threads are kind of old, mostly when the ANR became popular a few years ago. Since there are probably some new models out and those who have owned them for a while might be able to lend some advice.

Most of my flying right now is done in noisy prop planes with crappy avionics. Eventually I would like to carryover my ANR headsets into something bigger so I don't mind getting something that would be versatile down the road.

if you are big on your DC's, look into the DC ANR models...I just bought the 10-13X model from a pilot shop selling it on ebay (the buyitnow deal, not really an auction). with my AOPA 5% discount and their great price, i pretty much got it for right about $500, and they have free shipping. the store's site is www.aviate.biz and i think they have a link to their ebay auctions somewhere on the site. the X is the same as the XL and XP, but has the hardwired battery pack instead of the modular/detachable battery pack. so far i've loved them, although the 9V battery only gets about 25-30 hrs (if you remember to turn it off :))
I've got a pair of Bose headsets in my plane.

My wife bought me my first headset a couple of years ago for Christmas as I've been losing some of my hearing and kept turning the radio volume up louder and louder in order to understand the controllers, even with the DC's on.

At the end of each flight, my ears would be ringing for hours.

I bought her a pair when I got the 340 and the cabin noise increased.

They're pricey, but darn well worth the money, and my ears don't ring anymore.
Try headsets inc. www.headsetsinc.com They willl take you headset and replace all of the electronics and add ANR to it for about $220 or you can do it yourself for $170. I had them do mine and it works great in everything from piston singles to turboprops. In your case I would have DC do their free re-firb on it and get all new foam and padding, and then send it in to get the mod.
I would contact DC about refurbing your 13.4s. A spare headset is always a good thing to have around. For ANR, I've been using a Lightspeed Thirty-3g. They run about $600, have ANR comparable to Bose, but you save a bit of $$$. IMO, the Bose is very light, but may not fit your head comfortably. Try before you buy. These ANR headsets aren't perfect. You do have to sacrifice a lot of passive NR (wind noise) to get awesome ANR (prop and engine rumble). I'd recommend a good ANR over passive since the highest db you experience is the low freqs that ANR covers.
I had 13.4's and loved them as well....a grand is a ton of money to drop on a headset but the Bose set up is amazing. Really light and just takes headset issues out completely. I would go with the Bose, the other headsets are just too heavy to compare with Bose.

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