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Another SWA question

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good ol boy
Nov 26, 2001
In my daily quest to discover light at tunnels end, I've been wondering how the current interview call system treats repeat interviewees. Does anyone know the percentages of interviewees who are on their second/third/etc attempt?

Someone mentioned in another SWA thread that hiring is even tougher when applicants are numerous because it's hard to diffrentiate between those who really want to work at SWA and those who just happen to like it best today.

I'm hoping that someone in the PD will have recognized that someone who first applied in the nineties IS one of those people who really want to work for SWA. At least that gives me a glimmer of hope, and I should be able to fool myself if I want to:)


Some thoughts....the good news (at least in my narrow mind) is that if you met the quals to get a call once, considering that you'll have flown more over the next year & hopefully your qualifications may have improved, you'll be even more attractive to get the call the next time around....in terms of whether repeat interviewees are put with a different "label" (my term, not SWA's) & sorted differently, I don't know but certainly reapplying on the 1 year anniversary of when you are eligible & being able to say that honestly isn't a bad thing to do either in my view....does it guarantee anything? Absolutely not but certainly you are doing everything you can to demonstrate your desire to get called for another attempt.

As far as when one first applied as being "important" or a "tiebreaker"....it is a part of who you are & what you have done to get on with SWA....wear it anyway you wish that makes you feel comfortable....we appreciate your desire & committment....good luck & thanks for giving SWA a 2nd chance!!!!
It's not just about qualifications. I just had my 3rd interview in 8 years on the 19th. My qualifications have increased dramatically over each interview cycle, but I have no reason to expect an offer this time. I flew with a guy the other day that's been rejected 3 times, most recently last year. His attitude is pretty terrible, so that might explain things, but his qualifications are probably better than mine.

He could be overqualified, have a bad attitude, not fit the mold, or just not be SWA material. There's no real easy to quantify reason why some are picked over others.
Good Luck Hal, I hope it happens for you this time.

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