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Another Regional QOL Article

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There are airlines out there who charge the crews to eat the peanuts? I'm calling BS on that.

Yes, there are. If they charge the pax for a snack, then they charge the crew also. The FA's are audited and punished if the product numbers don't match the dollars.

If the peanuts are free, the crew can probably "get away with" eating them for free as well, despite company policies that prohibit it (they could still be punished if push came to shove). If the peanuts are in a $1.00 or $2.00 "snack pack", then the FA will be held accountable for the sale price. The exception is when there is first class seating which receives snacks for free. No first class=no free food.

So, in fact, having to pay for peanuts, while it should be BS, is not always BS. There are plenty of bad companies out there who treat their crews as little more than delinquents.
I loved going over to the snack carts in ORD and grabbing a few blue boxes...and my waistline could prove it!

Those were the days...
Who gives a sh*t about an article with the "final truth"? You think big fat ass americans care about this? You think it's actually going to change anything? NO. As long as people can pay a cheaper ticket and guys keep spending 100K for flight training nothing will change. So just make your peace with some of this sh*t and suck it up ladies.
I have a side question. Why didn't his PRIA show that he had failed 3 PCs? Or doesn't Colgan do a PRIA?

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