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Another message to Mesaba Pilots

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Well-known member
Sep 26, 2005
This has been circulating in an email around some 9E pilots. I find it to be basically true.


Dear Mesaba pilots, we are sincerely glad to have you here with us now. There are some important things that you will need to know and prepare yourselves for to be "Simply the Best".

You will need to learn a new language (yes, Memphis has its own language) when speaking to crew scheduling.

You will need to learn Memphis math (yes, Memphis has its own math). Memphis math has no rules or logic, and MIT is still trying to crack the code. The only constant with Memphis math is that you NEVER come out ahead.

You will need to understand that a sick call is the only way to get an important day off. Extreme word of caution here. DO NOT ASK TO DROP OR SWAP THIS DAY. IF you ask to drop the day, it WILL be denied due to low staffing. If you then get sick, you will be disciplined.

"Never Compromise Savings". This is the true company slogan. If you simply repeat this to yourself while reading company memos or communications, you will understand their meaning. In fact, this is the only way to understand their meaning.

You are a part number. Nothing more. You are a part number to be installed in seat A or B. Their is no service life or fatigue considered.

"If it is legal, it is safe". This is another company phrase you will become very used to hearing. Expect to hear this when receiving a schedule change or reserve assignment from crew scheduling. There is no rebuttal to this that crew scheduling can comprehend.

The 4 most important priorities of company executives:
1. Save every nickel.
2. On time performance.
3. Prevent pilots (and all other employees) from receiving industry average compensation.
4. There is NO number 4. Repeat 1-3.

No matter how bad or dangerous the weather, they will ask you to "go take a look". This is to falsely bolster the completion factor. Here again, there is no rebuttal that they comprehend.

Contracts are for reinterpretation purposes. Words don't actually mean what they say.

If the company is not understaffed, they consider themselves overstaffed.

The company's executive culture most closely resembles that of a confederate plantation. This culture permeates the strip mall on Nonconnah Blvd that we call head quarters. The flight crews based in that region exhibit behaviors most closely resembling Stockholm Syndrome or they simply suffer from "Mississippi Low Expectations Syndrome". There is no apparent cure for this.

Bathroom break schedules and supplemental oxygen rations will be distributed based on W2 wages.

With that said, this is an opportunity for our executives to change direction and chart a new course for the company. I will reserve my opinion on the likelihood of this occurring.

Now remember, now that you are owned by Pinnacle, you must make sure to be on time departure and arrival so that our CEO and his buddies can get their bonuses! Quote.
Although the ultra-senior-cousins-with-schedulers pilots may disagree with me, I fail to see the difference from what we have now.

Let the fun begin!
Keep in mind, Mesaba was purchased by Pinnacle Holdings, not Pinnacle Airlines. I'm guessing all three airlines under the Pinnacle Holdings umbrella will be seeing a lot of changes. Who knows, maybe Pinnacle Airlines will be changing to the Mesaba or Colgan method of scheduling and operating. Sounds like it should be a fun ride :)

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