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Animosity towards furloughees

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Freight Dog

Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I was just browsing some jobs available, and several said if you are furloughed, don't bother to call. Is that not illegal?!

I mean, if you don't want people to leave you, then make your job offer be more attractive so one will be GLAD to give up their seniority number to keep your job.
The funny thing too is the guys they will hire are certainly looking to move to the next best thing ASAP, especially considering the type of company that is commonly issuing those types of statements.

So, they could hire someone with likely thousands of hours PIC in the airplanes they fly (or similar) and who cares little about going anywhere else but back to the major that furloughed them in a year, or they can hire someone else at entry level experience and the guaruntee they will leave as soon as the next best thing comes along. You could solve it by requiring a contract to be signed as well. Most majors are honoring callbacks based on contract completion furloughees signed to begin training.

Most say it's a business decision. Business decisions like these require no downturn in the economy to make things mediocre at best for these types of companies. Really, I guess it has to be expected though, human nature and all.
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But also be realistic. Most aviation jobs are not going to compete with major airline pay. There is no way some 135 outfit, or small box frieght hauler, or air ambulance, would be able to ever give anything comparing to the compensation that a major airline can offer.

And how many furloughed airline pilots are going to actually give up their seniority numbers for some other job. If someone loves being an airline pilot, why would they give up their dream anyways.

There are so many pilots out there anyways looking around , that they dont have to hire furloughed pilots. No one is obligated to hired laid off airline pilots and pay them enough to keep them around. Most just cant
A Squared... I think it may be illegal because you are discriminating against a group of people. To say: FURLOUGHEES.. DON'T BOTHER APPLYING! is blatant discrimination. To say: furloughees will have to resign before accepting this position may be OK. See the difference?

Secondly, if you think furloughees will escape the minute they're recalled... what do you think someone w/o a job will do when the next best thing comes along? So really what is the difference except discriminating against people on account of their misfortune in timing (seniority)? The most junior UAL pilot furloughed most likely won't be recalled for the next 2-3 years minimum. Yet, chances are he/she is way more qualified than someone who will skip when ANY major starts hiring again.

Something to think about....
Just because its blatant, how does that make it illegal?

Discrimination is just making a choice. Some kinds of discrimination are illegal are some are not. Discriminating against people who are on "hiatus" from a major airline isnt illegal at all. Neither is discriminating against people with less qualifications, or against somene with a bad employment history.

I for one, discriminate against fat women often.
There are laws on the books that prohibit discrimination against the aged (40-65), against those with disabilities, and against Vietnam veterans. Most states have laws against dicrimination based on sex, race, religion, and national origin. Some states and communities prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. There are no such laws protecting furloughees. Furloughees are not a protected class as other groups are.

I had a previous interview where I feel very strongly I was dropped based on religious grounds. At first I felt injured. Then I asked myself, "Would I really want to put up with that on a daily basis?" The employer was an exception and his closed attitudes did us both a service.

Why would you be interested in working for an airline that had such attitudes?
Freight Dog said:

Since when???!?! LOLOL

I think it can be said Freight Dog certainly does not discriminate against psycho women. He gives them a more than an equal opportunity based on his dating history :)
414Flyer said:

I think it can be said Freight Dog certainly does not discriminate against psycho women. He gives them a more than an equal opportunity based on his dating history :)

Ain't that the truth? :D

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