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???? ANG Pilots

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Well-known member
Dec 20, 2001
The Hawaii ANG recently selected me as a primary Fiscal Year 2004 SUPT candidate for the C-130 . I'm currently flying for a part 121 feeder in the Midwest with 1200 total hours. I was told after I was selected that I should "be patient during the lengthy and complicated accession process".

Here are my questions, Should I temporarily move to Hawaii to accept a FO position with an inter-island commuter to ensure that I have a full time flying job waiting for me after I finish flight training with the Guard? The commuter pays $9K less per year than what I'm currently making which is $27K. I do have family on the island that will let me stay with them until I go to OCS. As I'm sure you can imagine, a salary of $18K per year in Hawaii is pretty close to poverty when you still have car, credit cards, student loan, and insurance payments each month.
Will a part 121 commuter hold my position for the 1-2 years required to complete flight training?
What do other ANG pilots do full time after they finish training and report to their unit?

Thanks for your help,


Well there are two ways of looking at it, first, you don't have to move to Hawaii right now since once you hit the training cycle it will be for roughly +1.5 years, and once you complete your initial training you may be able to get a lot of additional training days or seasoning days that may add another year onto your initial 1.5 years. Still, taking a flying job now in Hawaii might be good, because you are protected from losing your job and if it is seniority based you do not lose your seniority either. So the biggest issue is what type of flying and flying hours can you bang out now, since you do not earn a lot of hours in SUPT and is it worth the loss in pay, because you may not start SUPT until late in the fiscal year which could be September of 04. The thing you can do to speed things up is to get a hold of the training people I believe it is the headquarters people in D.C. NGB, and tell them that you would be willing to go on a moments notice if somebody drops from their training slot, it happens, so keep calling them every now and then to remind them, but you better be ready to go when they say go.

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