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AMERIFLIGHT questions... again

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Well-known member
Apr 1, 2002
posted on "General" will try here too....

Jumpseat privs?

Metro Capt 1st year pay??
SWA jumpseat agreement is alive and well. Otherwise, I don't know of any majors. Don't know about the metro pay.

Funny in another post you said you never worked for Ameriflight but yet you are posting like you know what you are talking about! You don't!

As of 9/11 they can only "Jump" on Horizon and only in the back. Even UPS won't let them on. They need to be 121 for SWA to let therm back on.
the SWA jumpseat has been back for about a month now. We can also jump on DHL, on the A-300's.
Apparently, my source is more reliable than yours. I never said I flew for Amflight.
I worked for Ameriflight, and I can speak as to how I saw it.

Prior to Ameriflight, I flew for 2 other freight operators. Both were shady. Maintenance was questionable, the planes were crappy, and both of those were run like flying circus more than anything.

Then I came to Ameriflight, and I was very pleasantly surprised. The training was EXCELLENT. Yes, their airplanes are old, but if I had a squawk, I'd write it up, and it'd be fixed... EVERY TIME. I'd get the plane the next day or 2 days from then.. and yes, the problem was fixed. I've never had any bad relationship with anyone there. I did have some questions regarding pay towards the end of my employment there, and I got the letter from Stu explaining how they calculated my pay (I was wrong) - he also thanked me for my service and wished me good luck at my new place of employment. These other flying circus outfits I flew for usually try to burn pilots down when they leave.

I was happy there, and I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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