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American School of Aviation

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Well-known member
Nov 2, 2005
Have any of you heard of, or had any experience with a school called American School of Aviation? I am asking for an offspring of a friend. He is considering them as a training place and asked my advice. I never heard of them. They are located in California at the Castle Airport, formerly Castle AFB. They have a flashy website, and claim a new, well maintained fleet. They seem a bit pricey, but not way out of line.

Any info appreciated.
Based on their reputation, I'd look elsewhere if able. I've heard numerous first-hand accounts of poor instruction from the timebuilding CFIs who piled on their ratings puppy-mill style. The one time I flew with them, the CFI really didn't seem like he wanted to be there. I don't know if there are any other schools at Castle (I think there aren't) but I'm sure there must be other options down the road at Merced.
All but one of their new well maintained fleet got grounded by the Fresno FSDO. You do the math.

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