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American Eagle Bases

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LAX in the SAAb is Junior. Last two classes had a total of 6 go to LAX SF3.

Jet is very very senior. Probably take you 2 years to get that. LAX SF3 may not be offered for your class but can probably be bid to fairly soon after. Best choice other then LAX SF3 would be DFW SF3 and just bid into it as it comes up in vacancies.
I know alot of ERJ FO'S that wish they would have stayed cap on the SAAB.
But ,when I was working Eagle metal on the ramp I remember DFW was the most senior base and ORD was gaining senority quickly with the ERJ and CRJ
My buddy was given DFW FO last fall after he got out of training (he was initially given LAX). He is now going to the ERJ in ORD.
Any word if they are still putting Jr. guys in San Juan??
The Oct. 24th class didn't have any ATRs at all. It seems totally random, but basically they take a look at what they need at the time. Bidding for equipment/base happens on the first day of class and is determined by age (oldest picks first). It generally happens that the youngest, i.e. last to pick, end up in SJU.

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