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American Check Transport

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Beat Nebraska!!!
Nov 26, 2001
does anyone have any information regarding American Check Transport? if hiring, what are mins, bases(if other than apa) I am currently flying out east, and would love to get back to Colorado.
fly safe and God Bless
I know they have about six aircraft based in SLC, as well as APA. I don't know where else, or much about them. I was offered a seat in a MU-2 by the CP about a year and a half ago. I didn't take it, but they seemed to be a good enough company.

I met with the CP twice, and during the first occasion he told me he had several questions, the answers to which would define a freight pilot. He asked what I used for a flight bag. I told him that most frequently I use a little backpack, or something similiar. He said that was the right answer. If that tells you anything about the operation...that's about all I recall concerning them. I believe they were flying MU-2's and Navajos (and had Lears, but I believe they got rid of them).

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