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AmEagle seniority question

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I.P. Freley

I like people food
Dec 26, 2001
How were the BizEx pilots integrated when they were bought? The reason I ask is that a friend was JS's in Eagle and saw another mutual friend of ours (whom I haven't spoken to in over three years, lost touch) in the right seat of an ERJ... I seem to remember his having been hired by BizEx in mid-98, and I find it hard to believe that he's still in the right seat unless it's by choice.

Unfortunately the guy I talked to didn't ask, so I put it to any of you AE guys, should a BizEx'er hired 7yrs ago have been able to hold captain by now on the RJ? I know he moved over to the RJ from the Saab maybe in '01.
Some 98 hires are captains, some aren't. The flowbacks cut that deep.
Haven't paid much attention to what's what at Eagle, I guess I'd forgotten about flowbacks. Thanks for the info.