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am I current? opinions, please

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Seeing the light
Nov 27, 2001
for ya'll to debate and input, here's the scenario:

I am a CFII. I shoot approaches with students anywhere from 3-10 times per week. They manipulate the controls, I instruct. I have done this for the past 14 months, ever since I passed my CFII checkride. That was the last time I have been sole manipulator for holds, approaches, and tracking navaids. Am I instrument current? Why or why not? If not, what do I need to do to become current? If I am not, can I do my approaches, holds and tracking in a sim by myself? Why or why not?

Thanks for the input. I'm seeking other opinions to defend my answer to a fellow CFI.
How I always looked at it

The way I always looked at it when I was CFI'ing was that approaches as an instructor do not count toward your currency. This is merely the way I always interpreted it and without digging for my FAR's I can't give a real solid explanation why. Seems like under part 61 it says you have to have "performed and logged" the required approaches and other procedures. It also requires they be in simulated or actual instrument conditions, so short of you both wearing a hood then I doubt this is being met for the CFII. I know this is a fine line as a CFI weather you are performing the maneuvers or not when your student is actually flying.

As far as the simulator we never logged sim time without an instructor being there also, but again I don't have a solid reference why not. Just seems like the logical conclusion to me though to make it all legitimate. I always found it easiest to just grab a fellow CFII to go do a proficiency check with me, it helps you to personally make sure you are still current.
I'm not a cfii, but I played safety pilot for my instructor to keep her current. She always had several instrument students at a time, so I'd imagine that she feels the same way sewertube does.

There's a thread which addresses this quiestion in the FAR section. It's titled "Logging IMC time" and is worth reading.

CFII's can only log instrument time when sole manipulator or in IMC.
Yudso is correct. You are required to log all time as a flight instructor that you are giving dual instruction. However, for currency, you may only log the landings and instrument time that you actually manipulated.

Common sense too...

Good luck.
So, you think common sense has anything do do with the FAR's? I don't. I think you are current, even if you have never touched the controls as an instructor. However, prudence would make it nessissary to get physically current by flying some simulated or actual approaches yourself.

Of course, I havn't been a flight instructor in a number of years, so I don't know the FAR reference. However, when instructing, you are PIC, and approaches don't have to be in actual for you to log them, just for you to log actual. I believe if you meet the 66 reg in actual with a student, you are current. Good luck to you.
the approaches u do with ur student if they start in IMC conditions u can log it urself and that counts towards the six approaches needed to stay current. u can go and do six approaches right now if u don't have even one approach done in actual instrument condition with the student(then ur not current). otherwise u can always do an IPC with another instructor and that will be easier as u don't have to do six approaches and he can sign u off if he thinks that ur competent. u can also do this in a simulator if it represents the category of the airplane and if it is approved.
hope this helps......

Check that its three greens......
Another opinion

I never counted the approaches that my students executed as my own. We had a Chief Pilot at FSI who tried to sell us on counting our students' approaches as ours. I never heard of that until I got to FSI. I had come from ERAU, where debates raged on FAR interpretation. To a man/lady, not one instructor on the property agreed with this Chief Pilot. And, we're talking about some extremely experienced people as well as neophytes who were fresh on the regs.

Just the same, to eliminate any doubt and to make it clear in your logbook, go get an airplane and your favorite CFI-I bud, bite the bullet and take a comp check. Give one to him/her while you're at it.

We did that all the time at Riddle. We had a generous deal in which every instructor got three hours proficiency time per semester in every aircraft in which he/she was checked out. So, instructors got together and gave each other BFRs and comp checks. It's really a lot of fun; a nice break from students.
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Regs aside, you are ONLY "current" if you personally feel current and competent. The regs for currency are minimum guidelines you must meet, but are no measure of anything. It doesn't matter how much or how little you fly. Would you feel safe to take your [insert loved one here] for a ride in the clouds tomorrow? If not, than you're not current.

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