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ALPAWatch Newsletter November 20, 2008
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Help Introduce ALPAWatch
To the Delta Pilots

Prepairing for Our Formal introduction to Delta Pilots
ALPAWatch is working on our formal introduction to Delta. That introduction will be in the form of an ALPAWatch Newsletter. In that Newsletter we need to explain ALPAWatch to the Delta pilots. We can think of no one better to do that than you, the NWA pilot group.

We need you to send ALPAWatch a short email explaining ALPAWatch to the Delta pilots. A single sentence, a paragraph, or a page will do the job. It does not need to be Pulitzer quality. Formal or informal is fine. A testimonial or just a few comments are all we need. Mostly we need everyone to respond because a large cross section of comments paints a clearer picture.

If this request is giving you writers block, here are a few topics to get you started, but don’t feel like you need to follow a script. Candid comments in your own words are best. Just write as though you were talking with another pilot. Say exactly what you think and in your own relaxed way.

Tell the Delta pilots what you know about ALPAWatch. Such as how it started. How did you learn about it? Why was something like ALPAWatch needed at NWA? What has it done for the NWA pilot group? What do you like best about it? What made you interested enough to subscribe to the Newsletter? What do you think its purpose is? What do you think ALPAWatch has meant to the everyday NWA line pilot? To NWA ALPA? Have you ever talked to or emailed anyone at ALPAWatch? What was that experience like? Do you think ALPAWatch might have a roll to play within Delta? What do you think that roll might be?

We also need to hear from those of you that have done any work for ALPAWatch such as written/edited articles, attended union meetings for ALPAWatch, supplied information, made phone calls, etc. Tell the Delta pilots why you felt motivated to help ALPAWatch.

And this request is not limited to line pilots. We hope to hear from union leaders as well.

We will take some or all your stories (depending on how many we receive) and use them as the backbone of the upcoming Newsletter introducing ALPAWatch to the Delta pilots. A few Delta pilots have already subscribed to the Newsletter. We expect those pilots to help spread the word about ALPAWatch. ALPAWatch will spread through Delta as is did at NWA, primarily by word of mouth, pilot to pilot referrals or as it often happens in the modern age…email forwards.

We know there are already a few Delta pilots receiving the ALPAWatch Newsletter. In past Newsletters we have acknowledged that they are out there and have welcomed them. At the same time, we made it clear that ALPAWatch was still limiting itself to NWA ALPA issues. To do otherwise would have been over stepping our bounds. But part of ALPAWatch’s self imposed mandate is to look out for all the pilot’s interests in a fair and unbiased manner. So after the December 8th Seniority List announcement, we will begin to broaden our watch to issues that affect all Delta pilots, existing and the former NWA pilots.

To be as affective at DAL as we have been at NWA we need to fully understand the culture of Delta and the politics of DAL ALPA. That will take contact and dialogue with the Delta pilots and DAL ALPA leadership. The upcoming Newsletter will officially begin that process. That is why we need you to explain ALPAWatch to the Delta pilots. Since starting ALPAWatch we have found that our best promotional tool has been pilots telling other pilots what a good idea ALPAWatch is.

Please take a moment to write us a few lines. Do it now if you can, while the idea is fresh in your mind. In any case please have your comments to us by December 1st. We need to get the Delta Introduction Newsletter out near December 8,th so we need your comments as soon as possible. Please respond. Even a short email is better than nothing.

Please include your name and your airline affiliation so we don't have to assume you are former NWA.

Send your comments to or simply hit the reply button.

Thank you again for participating in ALPAWatch. With the participation of pilots such as you, ALPAWatch will be successful in obtaining the Union Leadership that the Pilot Group deserves, and in doing so regain our fair compensation, our quality of life, our future, and our dignity.​
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