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ALPA sues Mesa?


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Dec 5, 2001
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I hope this hasen't been already posted:

From the latest ALPA fast read e mail: 19 July 2002
ALPA Takes Mesa to Court Over Bargaining

ALPA filed suit Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Arizona against Mesa Airlines, Mesa Air Group, and their CEO, Jonathan Ornstein. The suit asks the Court "to compel the Mesa defendants to bargain in good faith as outlined by the Railway Labor Act (RLA) and to cease all efforts to undermine the organizational rights of Mesa Airlines pilots," according to the press release reporting the suit. The suit also requests the Court to enjoin the Mesa defendants from operating Freedom Airlines, a nonunion
start-up carrier, which they have threatened to use to divert work from the Mesa Airlines pilots.

"The lack of good faith bargaining at Mesa and the continued use of whipsaw tactics between pilots within the Mesa Air Group system are indicative of Mesa Air Group's lack of interest in securing a labor agreement that meets the needs of the carrier's pilots," said ALPA's president, Capt. Duane Woerth.

The filing cites the airline's stall tactics during contract negotiations, as well as the Mesa defendants' efforts to secure certification for Freedom Airlines, and their use of intimidation and threats related to the transfer of work opportunities to the start-up airline, as a means of dictating pilot pay and working conditions.

The National Mediation Board ruled earlier this month that Mesa Air Group's subsidiaries -- Air Midwest, CCAir, and Mesa -- constitute a single transportation system for representational purposes.

All I can think here is look who's talking! What about Patomac or Mid Atlantic or whatever it's name is today? Any comments?