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ALPA letter

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ALPA yu're joking !!!!!

ALPA has little or nothing to do with CASS It;s the brainchild of a "brown" pilot. The j/s conf has nothing to do with ALPA either
Gotta call you on this one....after 9/11 ALL jumpseat access was terminated. Once reinstated, we were allowed to "jumpseat", if you will, ONLY if there were seats available in the cabin.Cass wasn't implemented until 2003(?) when UPS and American got the program up and running. Neither pilot group is represented by ALPA. To say DW jumped in and "saved" on line jumpseating is a stretch........


Read my post..carefully.

All jumpseating was to be terminated. ON LINE was saved.....

Agreed on BL at Brown getting CASS going....

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