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Aloha Airlines

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Well-known member
Feb 5, 2002
Can anyone tell me anything about this Airline. What they pay, are they a good company to work for. Where are there pilot bases. Any plans on flying any other equipment. If you work there would you recommend them to others. Thanks in advance.....Obadie

Hey you know what? Da kine Aloha, brah. Eh, "boo" you got one kine friend dat works der? You get one kine job, yeah! I tink da base is Honolulu, no more. Go work, come pau hana, you go cruise da beech wid da braddahs. Get plate lunch from
Zippys. Drink some beers, suck 'em up, yeah?

Hey you know what? You need one kine recommendation for to work Aloha. Not just any Haole get one kine job at that airline.

Eh-hem. So I grew up nine years in Hawaii and went to high school there. So hows my pidgin? Been a long time since I heard anyone speak in that dialect. Aloha definitely requires someone on the inside. And, unless you live in Hawaii, you'll find a lot of companies reluctant to consider you. Although I understand Island Air is taking haoles from da mainland. HNL is the only base for AQ. Hawaiian has mainland bases, however.

Just do some research and understand you'll pay SFO living expenses on ICT wages in Hawaii. Plus the socialist government will tax you to death!! You'll likely have to have a second income in order to make ends meet.

Becoming a Kamaaina isn't all that bad, but the lifestyle is definitely different. Check it out and do your homework before you relocate. BTW... I cannot speak for pay rates at AQ.



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