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Active member
Feb 17, 2002
Who goes by the name Allegro? I hear it all the time In YYZ. The crew sounds from Latin America.
That's a cool name. It means happy in Italian.
I was in YYZ last night. I found out that Avitat/Skyservice operates those A 320's with the red logo on the tail. No word on if they hire Americans, though.

Have you been over to Zoro's for the steak?
Zoro? Where's that? I only know the Landing Strip and that lill' restaurant near Best Western (forgot the name).
The kid driving the van took us out of Avitat, and we passed some offices for Bombardier and Pratt and Whitney. If you call the desk at Avitat, they can tell you.

Good stuff.
Originally "allegro" translated from Italian as meaning happy, cheerful, or joyful but it is more commonly used in music to indicate a fast tempo. I have no official scoop as to their oringinal intent but I would think that as an airline, they intended to imply "fast" or "quick".
I thought they were out of Mexico. I could swear I've seen some of their 727s with an XA tail number.
Isn't that an allergy medicine?



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