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Allegheny Information

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Active member
Nov 28, 2001
Hey folks,

Just got the call today for an interview with Allegheny. I am looking for some up to date information on them since WFFF only has an interview from 2000. I have heard there is no longer a sim ride. If anyone can confirm this as well as have more information I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

I'm glad somebody is getting interviews. Good luck man!
I got the call today too. I need some info quick since I think I am going on Dec. 5th, but I have to let them know tommrow. Scottm when are you going?
When did you guys send in your applications, and were you notified about an interview by phone or mail? Thanks in advance.
Hey guys and gals,

Thank you for your words of encouragement.
Freight runner- havent set it up yet but am supposed to talk to Stacy tommorow. I think I need a little more time to study since I have been out of the game for a couple months. (also need time to get off work)

I sent in my stuff around late Sept when I found out I was going to be furloughed on Oct 1. I had 1350TT, 980 Multi, 920 or so turbine.

I am curious what there stance is on senority numbers at other airlines. Anyone?????

Freight- good luck and please post your experience

Where are you furloughed from? I'm furloughed from Skyway, started class on sept 17 and sent home on sept 19. Just sent my stuff in on Friday by fax and snail mail.
Great news for you guys. I guess it isn't a waste of time to send out resumes right now. GOOD LUCK! Somebody needs to find a job. All of this bad news is depressing....

I just scheduled my interview and it wont be until January 16th. It is better for me so now I have time to study and get a better grip on what is going on at my last airline. I am from CALEX and was a April new hire, October furlough. Good luck, keep me posted, and hope to fly together some day.

To the rest: DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! I sent out 35 resumes the day I found out I was to be furloughed and finally heard something 2 months later. Yes, this sucks, and yes, waiting tables again sucks but better times are near. It does not hurt to have your resumes sitting on someones desk, you never know when or what they are looking for. Good luck to you all.

As a last note, CAL has decided to not furlough past Dec 1st however have no plans to recall in 2002. If you were hoping to get on with CAL or CALEX it may be a while but best of luck.
Resume spam effort

I agree with the others. Even during times of NO hiring you can't give up on sending resumes and updates. Keep up with it. Places sometimes resume hiring without notice. Take it from someone who knows, luck and timing is everything in this business.

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