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Allegheny Airlines gouge

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Check out www.aviationinterviews.com and read about the Allegheny gouge. The latest update on ALG is from August of this year but there really shouldn't be any major changes. I used to work there so if you have any questions, let me know. Good luck.

I interviewed with ALG in late August. I was hired for the 9/17 class. just called for the12/03 class.
2 things: be yourself and be relaxed. the interview is straightforward and fair. a few technical questions and a few what would you do if..... kinda stuff. the test is basically the atp written(not the math part though). just study it and enjoy the experience. very relaxed environment. i am looking forward to working there.
best of luck*-

Mike 72...and the those of you that responeded to to inquiry....
Thank you and Mike I haven't set up an interview and I too are eager to find out whether Allegheny has a Sim check and what the latest gouge is.
From what I have gathered..everyone that has interviewed with Allegheny seems to to like the company and I too look forward to working there.



I believe that most of the question come from the ATP written test. Check out the aviation interviews gouge site and you'll probably find the correct answer there. Good Luck.

Allegheny Airlines

To all asking about working at Allegheny, I just started my sixteenth year there in Dispatch. Like anyplace, you can find those who love it and those who hate it, and those in between. Overall, it isn't a bad place to work, and we are in expansion mode. Currently we have 43 Dash-8s on the schedule, with 45 in January (pre 9/11 was 46). Rumors range from 50-60 in the spring, depending on which version you hear.

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