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Alaska update

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Above Average Member
Jan 8, 2002
Sorry for the bad news for anyone interested. Alaska is apparently taking an EXTREMELY conservative approach this year regarding hiring. Just read the Chief Pilot's newsletter. He says the current plan is for ZERO pilot hiring this year. Not sure why they changed their mind, but seems like things are changing by the hour.

The conservation is what kept them from furloughing so I guess that part is good. I'm kind of surprised though with all the new destinations this year.

Anyway, Good luck.

Horizon given special consideration???

In my 18 months there, I heard it over and over again that QX pilots were going to get the first look, etc etc. I think it's just mgmt trying to boost morale. But that's just my opinion.
Thank God they're dumping UPAS. Talk about a good idea gone bad. My wallet says thank you!
I may not remember the stats exactly, but it went something like this:

Total 2001 hiring -
65% were "Silver bullets"
12% were Horizon pilots

I would bet that most (if not all) of the Horizon pilots hired also had "Silver Bullets".

I also believe that most of the Horizon pilots hired were check airmen.

Glad to see UPAS die a slow and painful death. It has been my experience that you get the phone call due to your "Silver Bullet", then HR pulls your UPAS file. Therefore, UPAS has nothing to do with you getting selected.
Selection from UPAS only, would put you in a very small group, probably to fill some needed quota.
Silver Bullet

A) Coors Light, won't slow you down!
B) One way to kill a vampire.
C) An "in", you know, the same way senator's sons get Air National Guard slots ... Its not what you know but ...

If you have to ask you probably don't have one (me neither!)
I tend to go with a good Porter or Stout. That Coors light is a little to much like tap water. I also like to use a good ol' piece of hickory on my vampires, since the silver bullet can really tick them off sometimes.

As to what it really is... a Alaska pilot has to recommend you or make you his / her "silver bullet". He has to write a letter of rec for you and take it to his base chief pilot with a copy of your resume. The base cheif pilot looks it over, talks to you a bit about your friend, and if he likes what he sees, he send it to SEA with his recommendations. From there your stuff goes to the chief pilot and if Capt. Majer likes it, you will be put on the call list.

It is the "good ol boy" network, but it works well for Alaska. As the stats I posted earlier show, most new hires come from this program. Keep in mind that being someones silver bullet will not get you a phone call unless you have the qualifications they are looking for. Generally speaking, if you are civilian, they like to see lots of PIC turbine.
Just a little more beer humor

Just a little more beer humor to lighten up the bummer on this thread:

Ever hear what John Cleese said of American beer?

He said, "American beer is like making love in a canoe; it's ****ing close to water.":D

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