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Alaska Poolies called??

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Jan 8, 2002
There's rumors floating around of a pretty significant bid coming very soon, and that the pool will finally be emptied. Any poolies get called or contacted yet?
I was emailed last week to make sure my on-line profile was up to date and that they were "excited and looking forward to bringing in new pilots to Alaska Airlines."
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Does anyone know for sure if you are supposed to reformat your cover letter and resume to look correct on the web site, or will it format back to normal when they look at it? The directions just say copy it from word, then past it in the space

Also, how do you get the internal recomendations to post to your application? Is there a link that I'm not finding?

Are the MD-80's leaving AS now, or is that still in the future? I've heard about all the -800's coming, but looks like they will just replace the -80's.
As I understand the MD's are here to stay until the lease expires because breaking the leases would be expensive.
What follows is a quote from Bill Ayer's announcement back in June:

"Delivery of the 35 new aircraft will be phased over the next six years, with the first new airplane slated to enter Alaska’s fleet in January 2006. The delivery plan gives Alaska flexibility to expand its fleet by approximately 60 aircraft through 2011 or replace older airplanes with new aircraft without increasing fleet size".
So as the fearless leader said, anything and everything is possibble!
another email...

From alaska HR today...

"We will be contacting you within a week or two with more information.

In the meantime, I've attached the Pilot wage scale for you to review.

Employment - Flight Operations"
What I can add (as of today....)

With regard to the MDs, they are around for a while. 9 are leased and 17 are owned outright. Two leases expire next year and one in 2007 with no plans to renew. After that they expire at the rate of 1 or 2 a year through 2013. As mentioned, to get out of the leases would be expensive. The last number I heard was around $200M. There is no current market for the ones we own. When the recent aircraft order was placed, there was no provision for Boeing to buy out any leases or otherwise take any of the currently operated aircraft. Instead the company negotiated very attractive terms for the new 737-800s. Plans are being made to make some upgrades to the navigation platforms in both the aircraft and the sim. While anything can change at any time, the current plan is to continue to operate the MDs for some time to come.

As to the new bid...it should be out in a week or two. The numbers I heard today were 60 new positions from one source and 80 from another. We have been told in training to expect 8 crews per month (on both fleet types) beginning in Oct. This is going to put sim time at a premium, especially on the 737, beginning in Jan. They were still talking today about how to manage the required sim time.

The projected block hours for 2006 for the MD fleet remains about the same as this year, even though the 2 aircraft previously mentioned will be going away. The projected block hours on the 737s for next year are increased over this year's, reflecting planned growth and additional aircraft.

Again, anything can change...and probably will. But this is what I hear as of today.
I heard bid out by the end of the week, with 43 new hires on it. Another bid will be out end of year/begining of 06 with more new hires. I heard about 40 on that bid as well.
Latest 10Q says we are taking 10 -800s next year. Someone has to fly them. We certainly don't have enough pilots right now to run the present airline.

Lots of rumors about the bid...I guess we will see very soon. I think management wants to do something to placate the troops. Movement on the list will certainly help. We have had the same guys on reserve for the last 4.5 years.

It will be impressive to see the same block hours with the MD and two less airframes. Maybe they aren't working the present a/c enough? There is no doubt that all the growth and the future is with the 737. I just wish we would order a real long haul a/c and expand even more.

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It would sure be nice if Bill would clean out the mgmnt. deadbeats that gave us the summer of 05.....What a complete joke, to go from 1st to worst in the blink of an eye.... we need to stay shrunk for a while and not come out with a bid or hire another pilot until we figure out how to run this new virtual airline of ours...We don't need more pilots now what we need is somebody to come here and build a new model and once it is running then start talking about growth........instead it looks to be the same old clown show.....take a bad model, make it bigger, point fingers at everyone else, accept no blame for collosal mistakes and then hire a bunch of new cheer leaders that are "just glad to have the job" throw a couple of bids out to placate the "herd" and everyone will forget that they are making the same coin with that shiny new captain job as they used to make as a senior co-pilot........this job at this point would be a great gig if we only had to come to work 10 days a month....that would leave 20 days a month to go an earn a living... now were talkin......

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